76. Venice Film Festival

So my time at Venice Film Festival came to an end. It’s a super nice venue, I really liked it. And to whom it may concern, I have some highlights movies I have watched in this 76. Venice Film Festival:

– La Llorona, Jayro Bustamante

– Hava, Miryam, Ayesha, Sahraa Karimi

– Babyteeth, Shannon Murphy

– This is not a burial, it’s a resurrection, Jeremiah Lemohang Mosese

– La muerte de un burocráta, Tomás Gutiérrez Alea

And here it’s the rest of the list with the other movies, with my personal avaluation from 1* (bad) to 5* (good).

– Revenir, Jessica Palud (***)

– Burning Cane, Philip Youmans (****)

– Mes Jours de Gloire, Antoine de Bary (***)

– Atlantis,Valentyn Vasyanovych (***)

– The Painted Bird, Václav Marhoul (**) _ I needed to leave in the middle, too much for me.

– Ensayo de un crime, Luis Buñuel (****)

– Wasp Network, Olivier Assayas (***)

– Babenco – Alguém tem que ouvir o coração e dizer: parou, Bárbara Paz (****) _just won the Bisato D’Oro, the best documentary.

– Moffie, Oliver Hermanus (***)

– Qiqiu, Pema Tseden (****)

– Mosul, Matthew Michael Carnahan. (****)

– Eletric Swan, Konstantina Kotzamani (****)

– Out of the Blue, Dennis Hopper (***)

That is list of the films I watched during the festival, which ends today. Unfourtunetely, I haven’t been able to see the shorts selection and many others. But I left with a feeling of wanting more. Who knows I come next year…

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