Some backstage things

So I haven’t told anything yet about the festival itself. I am here for the first time with a Student Accreditation, which it’s quite good, because we (Letícia and Maja) could watch some screenings for the press and industry only.

We watched La Llorona (Jayro Bustamante), Revenir (Jessica Palud) and Burning Cane (Philip Youmans) like that. The cinemas are concentrated in a spot in Lido. The same island from Morte a Venezia from Visconti. We even went to the beach.

To be in Venice feels like to be in a movie. I have seen this city so many times in my life in so many different contexts and movies too. We need to take a boat-bus everyday to come to Lido, that reminds me the time when I lived in Niterói and needed to go to Downtown of Rio de Janeiro. Same same, but different.

For the moment, that is all. I haven’t seen George Cloney yet. But it doesn’t matter I saw the cast and crew of La Llorona and they are so cute.

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